Drunken Thief Buys Slave Girl [Chapter 6]

Chapter 6: Hot Bath

TL: Scaramochi


I quickly drew my shortsword when the first one swung it's sword. At the same time, I stepped forward and sliced it off from the elbow.

Me, looking ragged but considerably enhanced and with the added bonus of agility, lunges half-heartedly at the second one, which is flinching in the way, and pierces it through the throat.

Then the third one, perhaps intimidated by my arm, slumps back, completely shriveled up. I flicked my sword at it, and with a return motion, I splattered it across the neck. I fished out the gold from the still twitching corpse.

I didn't expect to find gold earrings with small sapphires on them, since they are monsters that inhabit the first level of the dungeon. It would cost five silver coins to buy it. I put it away in my pocket apart from a few copper coins and a small copper coin.

After that, I helped Tiana up, who was sitting up from her slump.


Early morning in the next day, we arrive at the town of Norn, nestled against the towering Mount Dorus.

The town was surrounded by a moat fed by the river, and masonry walls.

We passed through the gate and walked up the street along the slope.

The houses were dusty after being away for so long. After opening the windows and back door for ventilation, I told Tiana to stay at home and went out to the guild.

I showed them the certificate issued by the Marc Chamber and asked them to record the fact that I had brought in an item from the fifth level of the dungeon.

For me, unlocking a fifth level treasure chest is not that difficult. But still, a track record is a track record. It is important to prove that the technique, which is considered to be rusty, has been in use until recently.

I also put the orc ears I cut off yesterday out on the counter that make the brother at the counter was surprised.

Cleaning up around the town is only a very small reward, and since I am not basically a combatant, I have never done such a low-money job before.

I stopped by father Bock's store and showed him the earrings from yesterday. He told me that the repair cost for the clasp was three copper coins so asked him to fix it, but he said he had other work to do and wouldn't be able to deliver it until tomorrow. Then, I paid the bill at my favorite bar and returned home.

It must not have taken long, but the house was completely transformed.

The table was covered with a cloth, and there were flowers in a vase that I don't know where she pulled it out of.

The dusty cupboards were shining too and the kitchen smelled good.

When I went around to the back of the house, I found Tiana washing dishes in a tub of water at the well.

Her tunic and pants, which she had thrown in a corner of the room after putting them on, were rustling in the breeze on the clothesline.

When Tiana noticed my appearance, she stood up vigorously.

"Welcome back. Master."

She looked at me anxiously, but cut it out timidly.

"Is there something you're not happy about?"

"No. I was just surprised."


Tiana, who had been relieved, made a shocked face.

"That's right. I'm sorry. You must be hungry. I thought I'd prepare a meal for you before I left."

With a flurry of steps, I walk through the back door and into the kitchen.

"Master. Coincidentally, I've prepared a meal for you, so please take a seat."

Tiana takes care of me busily.

She pulls out a chair, sits me down, and brings me a wooden bowl with something to eat.

She places it in front of me with a spoonful of food, and then she puts her hands together in front of her chest and observes me.

I spooned the contents of the bowl into my mouth as if pushed by her expectant gaze.

"Hum. Where did you get these ingredients from?"

"I cooked the dried meat left over from the trip here with the herbs from the garden and the root vegetables that have been planted in the garden, after all. Should I not have used them?"

I thought my garden had nothing but weeds.

"Nope. I was just admiring."

I had no idea that this salty and f*cking hard dried meat could be so tender.

"Tiana must be a good cook."

Tiana turns bright red and lifts up her apron to hide her face.

Where did she pull that apron from?

"Don't you stand there like that, why don't you take a seat and eat too?"

Tiana rolled her eyes as she lowered her apron a bit.

"You're hungry too, aren't you?"

"I can't do such a thing as take a seat with my Master."

"I said it's fine with me. Oh, and while you're at it, get me a refill."

As we happily finish our meal, Tiana brings in a mysterious, sudsy-scented drink.

"Drink it after your meat dish, it will refresh your mouth. Please."

Indeed, when I took a sip, it made me feel refreshed, removing the slightly stinky smell of the meat.


While I was lying down on the couch after a tiring trip, Tiana seemed to be working away.

Then, a reserved voice woke me up.

"Master. Your bed is ready. Why don't you rest there?"

I went to the bedroom and found freshly washed sheets set out.

Normally I wouldn't have minded, but it was a shame to lay my body covered in travel dust there.

"Oh. It's okay, I haven't cleaned my body yet."

"Then, would you like to take a hot bath? It'll be ready in a minute."

She called me over to the courtyard, where she had a tub of hot water ready for me to use. She had also prepared a soapy lather with a sponge.

I went into the tub, took off my armor and clothes, and washed myself.

I hesitated whether to call Tiana and tell her to wash my back or not, but then I heard a small voice.

"Excuse me. Let me wash your back."

The sponge gently touched my back and Tiana began rubbing it diligently, focusing on the lines along her spine.


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